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MVGM Luxembourg decided to support the Luxemburg Red Cross to fight against the Covid19 every day

1 year ago

The Luxembourg Red Cross calls on the resident population to show solidarity with the most vulnerable, under the slogan “Hëlleft eis Hëllefen”.

Its teams are more than ever mobilized, on the ground, and continue to protect and help those who need it. For several weeks now, the volunteers and collaborators of the Luxembourg Red Cross have been mobilizing to support the people most vulnerable to Coronavirus. A large part of their teams are thus in daily contact with beneficiaries and patients who need to be supported in one way or another.

With confinement, some of their team members are in contact with people for whom the risk is direct and obvious :

  • Help’s healthcare professionals continue to provide home care,
  • The centers for the elderly continue to care for residents,
  • The team at Rehabilitation Center transformed its establishment in short time into a Treatment Center for people with Coronavirus,
  • Staff from the Ambulance Service are still working the sick and injured, and staff from the Blood Transfusion Center continue to collect blood for hospitals across the country,
  • Many people wait on “meal teams on wheels” to eat,
  • Refugees at the Reception Centers wait on social workers who work with them every day,
  • Children and families in difficulty need counseling, while caregivers need halfway houses and creches that allow them to go to work,
  • Children who cannot return to their families need their homes to remain open,
  • The homeless, ..etc are the most in need of support during this difficult time,
  • And the poorest still need to be able to go to social grocery stores to buy food.

Further details on their website : https://www.croix-rouge.lu/en/

“It’s in this dramatic situation that we must remain united with those who need it most” says Stéphane Thauk, the Managing Director of MVGM Luxembourg